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The Simplest, Healthiest Summer Dessert

* We're pretty paleo around here--most of what we eat is grain-free, and made with whole-foods, and one to the simplest, healthiest, and most delectable desserts is clafoutis--it's mind-bogglingly easy, it looks absolutely gorgeous, and one really doesn't need a recipe--the general gist is enough. It's fool-proof!  (This dessert can also be easily made dairy-free, by substituting the cream for almond milk or another non-dairy equivalent). Ingredients: Around a dozen eggs.  If you have 10, no problem--if you have more you'd like to use up, that's fine too! About 3/4 cup of heavy cream--again--no need to be terribly particular A splash of natural vanilla extract--around a teaspoon or two (we love a strong vanilla flavour) 1/4 cup honey, or 3/4...

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