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Is Your Sunscreen Toxic or Cancer-Causing?

  Flora Fauna's Skin Elixir--a beautiful, natural sun oil.  Thanks to several decades of corporate marketing, we have been convinced that sun exposure is bad, period, and that sunscreen is essential in order to protect us against skin cancer.  But what many people don't realize is that most commercial sunscreens contain ingredients that themselves could cause skin damage, and even skin cancer! And even many so-called "natural" sunscreens may also contain ingredients that are unsafe.  Some of the most common chemical sunscreen formulas feature substances like Benzophenone 2 (BP2) which impedes the function of the thyroid gland, is bio-accumulative (stays in the body), and disrupts the endocrine (hormone) systems in humans and animals (1).  Oxybenzone, another very common ingredient, was lambasted...

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