I absolutely LOVE your Skin Elixir!!! I am not one to use products in general and am very picky about what I bother to put on my skin.  This product feels amazing--so cleansing, quenching and makes your skin glow beautifully  This is my first 'won't leave home without it' product, the kind you stock up on in fear that it might not be available forever.  I really can't recommend it highly enough.  Thank you for making it!



I am really impressed by Flora & Fauna's Skin Elixir.  I have breakout-prone, ultra-sensitive skin, and I am always reluctant to try products on my face, but Flora & Fauna surpassed my expectations.  The elixir is incredible, feels amazing, and my skin looks great. 



I was looking for something to reduce fine lines and dark circles and after about 3 weeks of use I am definitely seeing improvements!  My fine lines are literally disappearing!



I love [Flora & Fauna's Facial Elixir]. I love it, because it feels good, very simply put. My use of it has been somewhat irregular, which has fit very nicely into my irregular approach to skin care, in general. I use it most often after unecessarily long, hot, and indulgent showers (if you are familiar with these kinds of showers, you will also be familiar with the dryness that can sometimes follow- tight, slightly itchy feeling skin, especially in the winter). I put it on my skin, lovingly, and with appreciation for the extremely bio-compatible contribution it is making to my epithelial cells. It is a beautiful, personally crafted moisturizer that is made with integrity. It is so obviously made with integrity.  It goes on like a dew, it's mild earthy (non-perfume-y) smell another cue confirming it's loveliness. It is an oil blend, but it does not (repeat: does not) sit on or weigh down your face. Not at all. It goes on lightly and is absorbed, silkily and luxuriously. It tangibly nourishes, resulting in skin that feels supple, non-greasy, and totally appreciated. 



I am loving the facial elixir. I've been using it religiously each morning and night and my skin is feeling so much better and hasn't broken out. The itchy dryness in my trouble spots is almost totally gone. I find it absorbs almost immediately into my skin and feels quite light -- I love the wonderful holistic scent.